More Than A Year (EP)

by Atlas For Home

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ENG // This is "More Than a Year", Atlas for Home's first EP. Atlas For Home is an alt-rock band from Paris.

FR // Découvrez "More Than A Year" notre premier EP enregistré par nos soins et mixé/arrangé/masterisé par Pop'n'Prod.


released November 24, 2014

Music composed by Atlas for Home
Lyrics written by Valentin Guerin
Recorded at LaClodeStudio by Marion Gualandi
Mixed and Mastered by Pop N' Prod/David Enfrein
Photography by James Bowden



all rights reserved


Atlas For Home Paris, France

Friendly alternative band from Paris.

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Track Name: Pandora's Box
If streets are a maze, I'm losing my mind.
All this crazy stuff, what is it all about?
God told us that each problem has a key
but the simple one is full of fantasy
A baby born every time with an anchor at his feet
With a feeling of sadness, misadventure and a taste of milk
It's hard to live, it's hard to leave, I must wander

Chorus :
I wish to be like Pandora's box
Catching the bad ghosts that are lost
Breathing out the silence of a journey while protecting you for eternity
Someone has to be like Pandora's box.
Smashing all these unpredictable blocks
Breathing out a drop of expectancy and assuming this part for eternity

While looking for the truth, you start to divide
The ones who think of keeping it and the ironic ones
God told us that problem is human’s result
But the population is just under its cult
We are afraid of this kind of unconscious perception
Then bad acts poured out of me, poured out of us, creating panic.
It's hard to cleave, hard to believe, we must wander

Track Name: Feeling Alive
You and I and everyone else, we are the words of a giant sentence
We hate the people that we need to live
We’ve got some passions that need us to exist
We are locked by this relationship that put egoists close to the changing.
Invisible support in our soul, be brave we’re all gonna crawl.

Chorus :
Alright, Alright.
If you're asking, I will answer tonight
Alright, Alright.
Because I'm feeling alive.
Besides, Besides,
All these rumors about you and no one else can't be justified because unity is not a crime.

That's easy, forget anxiety? Give to your routine a blink of philosophy.
The fog in the city will forever stay, not the one which stays on your trail
Somebody'll pick you up and carry you to the next step
Like, a mum with her child
Like a bird that’s gonna fly
Like, a princess who's looking for her beauty when the days go by
One cheer is a good plan to be present and feel free in a limitless sea for a better, wilder try

Track Name: State Of Mind
When hell is gone, when laughs are back
When trees had seen days like we did thanks to light
Over the dark, there is a spark
The kind of case available one time.
Inside this one, you can find fireflies that strike to come back home against a heavy wind
But there is something else. I can't see it.
A strange impression like a scary dream.

Chorus :
Chills on my arms, unusual state of mind
Tears on a tie. Is God glad I'm alive ?
Have you heard a sound ? The sound of joy, the one which is loud
It sounds like she's highlighted in this gigantic crowd
Stars by her side but I'm painfully shy
I'm going to be mad. Do I want you ? Or do you want me to cry ?

I'm just waking up and I'm still in this world
Can animals help me reach a pinch of the sun
I'm swimming in a lost lake with my old faith, in a fantastic field, likable and sane.
I feel like I am lonely or claustrophobic. Perhaps I am oppressed by this pretty week.
This thing takes my hand, throws me in a direction
Is this way right or a bad conclusion ?


Oh ! Here I come.
Oh. Is welfare yet to come ?

Track Name: No Matter What
Say hello to the brand new class
Say hello to the brand new scars
Say goodbye to the time that passed
And the people that you used to know
You used to be a perfect double
Of a perfect mistake made by curse
But is there somebody who cares ? Who cares that there is black on white
That's right, last night was harder than a knife and dirty blades are cleaner than your veins.

Chorus :
Catch the good of what you believe in (don't look back, it's closer now)
Let hope create a little flame inside your eyes
If they tell you « well you are not allowed... (to be the affected person that I am) »
Let maturity get you a big surprise: we are equal no matter what.

Writing on your favorite table, the names of people who ruin your seasons.
Spending their time while losing their own but it seems you're not to blame
Because this is all your fault, personality is so out of laws.
And mystery rhymes with misery. Hype is a place where all the kids go.
That's right, last night was harder than a knife and dirty blades are cleaner than your veins.


Later, a twist in the story is claimed. Greater, perspectives will appear brighter. ( // Greater, symmetry will turn up better.)
Let yourself go, in a good way.
Track Name: Make Them Real
You want the top when you're down to the ground
You wanna find out : yes, I noticed bad
Focused on the future, you forget the present
Looking for something, making plans for a better chapter
Life is a quest that we carry on our shoulders
You follow a line, followed by some monsters
Made by myths, made by dreams, but it's worthless
The end of this game is this grail...

Chorus :
It's like we were born for a special task
I do not know but I hope I'm not lying
You crack ideas when you try to understand
Happiness means having heartbeats so make them real

Having a job, buying food are the key
To be normal in this strange society
Destiny looks almost controlled by reality
Are we supposed to be crazy like a person who sweats to be free ?
Work in progress, a big project, an amazing race
A theoretical look on our realistic business
Made with love, made by choice but nevertheless
A part of this game seems revealed